triple wing club

Through a generous grant from the Roots & Shoots organization as well as support from family and friends, Amelia and fellow 5th grade environmental advocates, have started the Triple Wing Club (TWC). In an effort to better their environment, TWC members have been building bird and bat houses, as well as planting flowers to help with the health of native bees and butterflies. 

These houses will be brought to homeowners at no cost to be placed on their properties. Interested students in our community can find project information through the website or contact us directly. TWC will hold monthly meetings to plan and build the needed houses for the birds and bats. Posters will be placed in local stores letting people know that we can plant seeds of non-invasive flowers in the spring to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

The Triple Wing club is currently in their third year of making a difference in their community, these young activists are always looking for the next project, feel free to contact them below with ideas or interest in helping in any way.

Special Thanks To: Highland Ave. Greenhouse, Coveside Conservation Products, Maine Audubon, Cape Elizabeth Land Trust


Bat Houses

Installing a Bat House can provide a safe environment for hundreds of bats. This not only helps with protecting a species in decline but also with insect management of your property! Find out more through the Organization for Bat Conservation.

Bird Houses

With the natural habitat of birds being reduced more every year, assisting them with a safe place to live will help keep them alive and their numbers strong. A simple bird house with the right dimensions will provide safety from predators, warmth during cold months and a place for breeding.



Studies have shown that even modest increases in the native plant cover on suburban properties significantly increases the number and species of pollinators (bees, hummingbirds and butterflies), and breeding birds. Some of these species are currently a conservation concern and in danger of habitat loss. The Maine Forestry is a great place to find out more ways to create a beautiful and healthy backyard habitat.


Please contact us to either be a part of the club (ages 8-12), or let us know if you would like the club to come to your property to place a house for bats, birds or plant wildflower seeds (plantings will be planned in the spring).

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